Snake Valley Trails Partnership

Welcome! The Snake Valley Trails Partnership is working to get more trails in Snake Valley. We are starting in the Baker area. We have three current projects:

1. The Baker Multi-Use Path will be a one-mile long paved trail next to Highway 487 between mile markers 5 and 6, from approximately the gas station south to the ball field. This ADA accessible trail will be available for walking, biking, roller blading, cross-country skiing, and more. We are working with White Pine County to complete this project, which is largely funded through the Transportation Alternative Program, federal funds administered by the Nevada Department of Transportation. We have been awarded a grant of over $689,000 for this trail and are working to raise our portion of the matching funds, approximately $36,000. NOTE: THIS PROJECT IS UP FOR BID FOR ENGINEERING SERVICES! Deadline January 10, 2020.

2. The Sagebrush Discovery Trail is about 2 miles of two-track road. We’ve been removing rocks from the bumpy road to make it more hiking and biking and stroller friendly. We also have been partnering with the BLM to improve the trail. A Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act (SNPLMA) grant was awarded for Round 17 (Project #BL54). Here’s the short description: Complete a Travel and Transportation Plan addressing user conflicts to protect natural and cultural resources, and visitor use experiences. Construct the first of three phases of the Sagebrush Discovery Trail as detailed in the final plan. Phase I is to construct approximately two miles of trail, Construction may include: 1. improvements to improve accessibility for hikers, bikers, skiers, and stroller friendly; 2. constructing approximately 400 feet of new trail to cross three ditches and a fence; 3. installing benches and shade structures along the improved roads/trail; 4. constructing trailheads and information kiosks; and 5. installing multilingual interpretive signs.

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Download the Sagebrush Discovery Trail Brochure 2019 April

Check out the Plants along the Sagebrush Discovery Trail!

3. The Snake Valley Trails Partnership is identifying future trails/routes for the area. These are also great alternatives for trail runs, mountain biking, etc. If you have ideas, please let us know!

1-sagebrush discovery trail
A portion of the Sagebrush Discovery Trail, with the Snake Range in the background.

Baker trails
Other suggested trails:

Great Basin National Park (Bristlecone, Alpine Lakes, Baker Creek, Johnson Lake, Serviceberry, Lexington Arch, Timber Creek, Pole Canyon, South Fork Baker, Osceola, Wheeler Peak, and more)
Sacramento Pass Recreation Area (Sac Pass, Lucky Boy, and Mine Shaft loops)
Burbank Hills ATV trails (near Garrison, Utah)
North Snake Range trails (Hendry’s Creek, Hampton, Horse, Smith Creek)

Snake Valley is also part of the American Discovery Trail, a coast-to-coast pedestrian-bicycling-equestrian trail. Info for Utah and Nevada

Road cycling:
The Western Express cycling route goes through Baker and Garrison.