The Sagebrush Discovery Trail is just steps away from Baker, Nevada, yet has a great amount of biodiversity. The trail largely follows some irrigation ditches, allowing for a very pleasant riparian environment right next to a sagebrush habitat. More plants coming soon!

The trees along the Sagebrush Discovery Trail are not especially tall, but there is more diversity than you might think at first.
Willow Salix exiguaRocky Mountain juniper-001Water birch Betula occidentalis Mountain mahogany
Narrow-leaved willow-Salix exigua, Rocky Mountain juniper-Juniperus scopulorum, Water birch - Betula occidentalis, Mountain mahogany - Cercocarpus ledifolia
western elmRussian olive Eleagnaceae
American elm - Ulmus americana, *Russian olive -Elaeagnus angustifolia (thanks to Baker Ranch for removing these in 2018)

Many shrubs are found along the trail, some just in specific portions of it. For example, you’ll find hopsage most commonly on the north end, by the Historic Hike.
sagebrushmormon tea nevada ephedra ephedra nevadensisskunkbushRosa woodsii-001
Sagebrush - Artemesia tridentata, Green ephedra - Ephedra viridis, skunkbush - Rhus trilobata, Woods rose (fruiting) - Rosa woodsii

hopsage grayia spinosarosa woodsii
Hopsage-Grayia spinosa, Woods rose - Rosa woodsii

Green rabbitbrush
Brickell bush

Forbs vary from tiny to quite large, and during spring and summer come in a wonderful array of colors.
indian paintbrush castilleja chromosa1-globemallow sphaeralcea grossulariifoliayellowpea thermopsis rhombifolia
Indian paintbrush-Castilleja chromosa, Globemallow-Sphaeralcea grossularifolia, Prairie thermopsis/Yellow pea-Thermopsis rhombifollia

nevada parsley cymopterus longipesshowy townsend-daisy Townsendia florifera-001Phlox
Nevada parsley-Cymopterus longipes, Showy Townsend’s daisy-Townsendia florifera, Showy phlox-Phlox longifolia
Showy milkweed
Showy milkweed-Asclepias ?,

20180424_072244musk mustardmustard-Descurainiacommon dandelion Taraxacum officinale-001
*Red-stemmed filaree/Storksbill (Erodium cicutarium), *musk mustard (Chorisopora tenella), *tansy mustard (Descurainia sp.), *Common dandelion-Taraxacum officinale


This is the area where I need the most practice! There are more out there than pictured here, but I still need to learn them!
indian rice grassCheatgrass
Indian rice grass, *Cheatgrass - Bromus tectorum


Soil bryophytes

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