Books about Snake Valley
Some of these books are not easy to find, but sometimes can be found on websites and Some can also be found in local libraries, including Great Basin National Park and Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge libraries.
Baker, Gretchen M. 2012. Great Basin National Park: A Guide to the Park and Surrounding Area. Logan, UT: Utah State University Press.

Bateman, Ronald R. 1984. Deep Creek reflections; 125 years of settlement at Ibapah, Utah. 1859-1984. Salt Lake City: Self published. (Includes sections on Callao and other areas of North Snake Valley)

Bates, Marlene. 1994. North Snake Valley, part I. Snake Valley, Utah: Self-published.

Bluth, John Frederick. 1978. Confrontation with an arid land: the incursion of Gosiutes and whites into Utah’s central West Desert, 1800-1978. PhD diss., Brigham Young University.

Day, Stella H. and Sebrina Ekins. 1951. Milestones of Millard; 100 years of history of Millard County. D.U.P. of Millard County. Art City Publishing Co. (Has a 1 or 2 page history each for Burbank, Garrison, and Gandy)

Denton, Craig. 1999. People of the West Desert. Logan, UT: Utah State University Press.

Griggs, Jeannette S. 1974. Let there be light. Forest Grove, Oregon: Times Litho Print. (Story of how Mt. Wheeler Power got started, which was largely due to the ranchers in Snake Valley.)

Hintze, Lehi F. and Fitzhugh D. Davis. 2003. Geology of Millard County, Utah. Utah Geological Survey, Bulletin 133, Salt Lake City. (This is an extremely detailed geology book, with lots of great pictures and diagrams.)

Hose, Richard K., M. C. Blake, Jr., and Roscoe M. Smith. 1976. Geology and mineral resources of White Pine County, Nevada. Bulletin 85. Reno: MacKay School of Mines, University of Nevada. (Not too detailed geology, but interesting information about some of the mining areas, particularly Osceola and the Kern Mountains area.)

Kelsey, Michael. R. 1988. Hiking and climbing in the Great Basin National Park. Provo, UT: Kelsey Publishing.

Lambert, Darwin. 1991. Great Basin Drama. Niwot, Colorado: Roberts Rinehart Publishers. (The story of how Great Basin National Park was made.)

L'Amour, Louis. 1985. The Empty Land. New York: Bantam. (Fictional book set in the Confusion Mountains. Describes a trip with mining ore across Sacramento Pass and views of the glacier up on the mountain.)

Lyman, Edward Leo and Linda King Newell. 1999. A history of Millard County. Salt Lake City: Utah State Historical Society.

McCune, Alice P. 1947. History of Juab County. Juab County Company of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers.

Orndorff, Richard L. Robert W. Wieder and Harry F. Filkorn. 2001. Geology underfoot in Central Nevada. Missoula, Montana: Mountain Press Publishing Company. (Includes chapters about Lehman Caves, Wheeler Peak, and bristlecones).

Peck, Joseph H. 1959. What next, Doctor Peck. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc. (A delightful read about life around Goldhill, Callao, and Ibapah about 1917 written by Dr. Peck.)

Quate, Boyd E. 1993. Pioneers of Snake Valley 1865-1935 as remembered by their descendents. Norfolk, Virginia: Self-published.

Read, Effie O. 1965. White Pine Lang Syne: a true history of White Pine County, Nevada. Denver: Big Mountain Press. (Very hard to find and expensive)

Robison, Russell. 2006. Our Swallow heritage-Volume III: The history of George Swallow’s daughters. Self-published at (Contains a lot of history about the Robisons and their store in Garrison and ranching around the Strawberry Creek area)

Schlabsz, Patsy Baker and Bobbi Jo Schlabsz Magner. 2005. The revised addition of Snake Valley Pioneers as remembered by their descendants, originally published by Boyd E. Quate. Baker, NV: Self-published.

Trexler, Keith A. 1966. Lehman Caves…its human story. Baker, NV: Lehman Caves National Monument.

Twain, Mark. 1872. Roughing it. Pleasantville, New York: Reader’s Digest Association, Inc. (The description of crossing from Fish Springs to Callao along the Overland Trail is fantastic.)

Unrau, Harlan D. 1990. A history of Great Basin National Park, Nevada. Historic resource study. Denver: U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service.

Waite, Robert Starr. 1974. The proposed Great Basin National Park: a geographical interpretation of the Southern Snake Range, Nevada. Ph.D. Dissertation. Los Angeles: University of California.

Wilson, Elijah Nicholas and Howard R. Driggs. 1991. The White Indian Boy: The Story of Uncle Nick among the Shoshones. Salt Lake City: Paragon Press. (Very interesting non-fiction book; great descriptions of Indian skirmishes near Callao. University of Utah has republished this book.)

Wilson, Pearl D. with June McNulty and David Hampshire. 1999. A history of Juab County. Salt Lake City: Utah State Historical Society, Juab County Commission. (Hard to find, but has great photos of CCC camp near Callao.)